Someone just beeped at me.  And not to say hello.  An aggressive, “take the turn LADY” beep.  I hate that!  It’s like getting an email IN ALL CAPS.  It always goes the same way.  Someone beeps at me and I immediately do what they want, be it speed up, take the turn or whatever.  But then I quickly transform into full-on rage.  Are YOU beeping at ME?  I once got so mad that someone beeped at me that I rolled down my window to yell at them (didn’t know what I was going to yell exactly but I was ready) but they actually didn’t stop to hear what I had to say.

I don’t get the beeping thing.  I understand if someone is backing up and they don’t see you, you have to give them a little honk, honk, aka- please don’t hit me. And if you see me out running, beep away (even if I don’t look up, I appreciate the gesture) but it’s the aggressive beeping that I have a problem with. 

I’m not a big beeper myself.  I might be if I had a better horn.  My horn is awful – it’s like there was a mix up at the factory.  Maybe they were putting in the horns for the cute little VW bugs and in the next line was the big giant boat cars and one got mixed up.  I have this SUV that I can’t even see out of and this little wimpy horn.  It’s almost embarrassing.  And it’s not even a powerful “toot toot”.  It sounds like the last gasp of an air horn right before the battery dies. So I don’t really use my horn unless it’s emergency.  Then I end up laughing because of the horn.  So for me, the horn thing doesn’t have an appeal.  Unfortunately, many people LOVE their horn.

As you know from last year, I try to be a “Zen driver”.  I’m just out there doing my thing quietly and considerately.  Getting from point A to point B without too much drama, or a spike in my blood pressure.  Clearly, this hasn’t spread around since everyone is always in such a hurry.

Today, however, I noticed that there was a pattern forming (me getting beeped at) so I’ll let you be the judge.  Here’s the situation.  I was going to BJ’s in Northborough.  I got off Route 9 to the right.  There’s a light there and it was red.  Now here’s where it gets tricky.  That is not a 90-degree angle right turn.  It’s a definitely a right CURVE.  To me, that isn’t a “Right on Red” situation.  It’s more like a red light (which one stops at) and then when it is safely green, gently veer to the right.  Apparently, people think this constitutes a ‘right on red’ (which, by the way, people are obsessed with.  What are you saving…5 seconds?)

So this guys like 4 cars back starts beeping his head off.  AT ME!!  So against my better judgment, I went.  But I honestly believe I went through a red light.  And I don’t do things like that.

This same scenario happened a few times in Natick.  Say you’re coming out of the movie theater on Flutie Pass and go right.  Get to that light and want to take a right.  There is a red right arrow.  Wouldn’t that mean, “if you want to take a right turn, don’t”?  That one always annoyed me too but luckily, I have my new teenage driver who knows all things about the rules of the road.  And loves to share his bountiful knowledge with me.  So apparently, one CAN INDEED take a right on red, even on a right arrow. 

If you ask me, that’s a mixed message.  Just drop the arrow.  An arrow says to me, “if this is the way you are going, it’s either a YES or a NO”.  Period.

So that’s what happened on this cold, rainy morning.  If it was you who beeped at me this morning and are reading this right now, I forgive you.  Hope you stopped at that drive-thru Starbucks and brightened your day.  And hey, relax and enjoy the ride.

Keep beeping (only to say hello) and Have No Fier!




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